To describe Arms Akimbo is a maddening series of clichés that manage to form something truly original. They met in college. They all liked the same bands. They released a self-produced EP (“Vignettes”) that found quick success. They opened for some bigger bands...

 This would be tiringly familiar were it not for the surprising speed with which the band gained fans in their Los Angeles hometown. They sold out a small club, sold out a larger club, then another… you get the point.

For a local band, standing out can be a slow and painful task but Arms Akimbo’s Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Matthew Sutton and Colin Boppell tapped into that post-college-now-wtf vein of hope, insecurity and “fuck it, let’s just enjoy this” with their EP “The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party”. Instantly familiar, the EP (with cassette tape recordings of their buddies at a house party) immediately drops you into a typical kegger with all the promise of a good time as well all the dashed hopes and inevitable heartbreak. But the EP slowly exposed the deeper side. The part where you end up at the end of the night, sitting with your best friend in the driveway and wondering what the point of life is.

Following up the EP, they continued exploring the connection and separation created between us all by technology and social media with their recent back-to-back singles “Devil” and “Virtual”.

Recent accolades from Billboard, Culture Collide, Baeble Music and Flaunt have continued to spread the word of this rapidly rising group, but word of mouth is playing an equal part. Ask half of their crowd and “someone told me I had to come see them…” is a common quote. Whatever it is, the band has hit a nerve. Maybe it’s that never-ending nag that this time in life is fleeting, that responsibility is knocking hard on the door. Maybe it’s the inspiration that you don’t ever have to lose this feeling. Maybe it’s also a sign of the times…that in an increasingly unpredictable and fragmented world, the only thing you can count on are friends, and the moment.

“One of the most enchanting bands I’ve ever stumbled across” – Flaunt Magazine


"An infectious party-inspired single" – Billboard


“Triumphant music that’s simultaneously fresh and nostalgic” – Culture Collide


“Feel-good indie rock magic” - Ones To Watch


“We’re not sure how these four guys found each other, but we are so glad that they did” - Impose Magazine



Peter Schrupp Vocals, Guitar
Christopher Kalil Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Sutton Drums
Colin Boppell Bass